Search Engine Optimization

Driving more traffic to your website by increasing rank in different search engines.

Stand out from the crowd

SMG Web Design ensures your website is strategically SEO friendly, so it’s visible in all search engines. Which means your target audience will find you. Having a stunning website which reflects your business is essential. But to fully experience a high level of traffic and conversions, it must be SEO friendly too. We tailor your website to be search engine favourable and thoroughly optimised on both the back end and front end of your site.

  • One strategically crafted website design for desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • Beautiful and modern design which makes a difference to your conversions
  • Boosts your search engine ranking with a strategically built website offering a user-friendly experience

Our Process

SEO friendly websites create delighted visitors and an elevated search engine ranking


We start with a discovery and brainstorm session of your website, business, industry and competitors. This discussion allows us to look at all the aspects involved in devising the ultimate SEO strategy, which is best for your business.

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Next, we begin to devise the best SEO strategy to increase your search engine rankings. This plan includes such factors as keyword research, SEO friendly content planning and your business objectives and goals.

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Once we’ve set the strategy in place, we begin the process of optimisation of your website. This process gets implemented on both the back end and the front end of your website. Our expert SEO team understand technical SEO is crucial to get right on the back end of your website before the front end gets started.

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Next, our bosses in SEO copywriting begin to build and craft compelling content for your website. Content which draws in your visitors creates conversions and keeps the search engines satisfied all at the same time. High-quality content is crucial to your website, business and SEO strategy.

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Throughout your SEO strategy, regular reporting gets completed throughout all phases. Our team reports on several metrics such as site traffic levels, social media signals, and ranking positions. These statistics get compared to pre-optimisation parameters meaning your business gets measurable results.

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