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Is your website not getting the conversions you want it to?

Do you want your website visitors to enjoy using it, so they remain on your site for longer?

If so, then it’s best if you upgraded to a premium and strategically crafted high-quality responsive website produced by a professional web design firm.

Responsive web design helps you solve many of your website problems. It makes your site mobile and tablet friendly by improving the way it looks on these devices. Which means it’s easy to use and increases the time visitors spend on your site. It can also help you improve your rankings in Google and other search engines.

Web Design In Bentleigh

We’re a Bentleigh based web design agency creating websites to have straightforward and simple use on screens of all sizes. Websites which also have beautiful modern designs and crafted to get conversions for your business.

Our specialist team work together with you to ensure we create a website which engages its visitors and generates higher conversions for your business.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

As said above, responsive web design is a specially crafted website which makes all sections of the site appear quickly and viewable on all styles of devises and sizes of screens. This type of website gets designed by a strategic web design firm. To get your website to perform in this way, you need to contact a specialist web design agency who knows how to create it right.

Responsive websites get constructed in a way to scale content automatically, so it correctly resizes to match the screen it’s being viewed on. Responsive sites also stop content from being over-sized, which ends visitors having to struggle to read your site. If your site’s visitors become frustrated, they’ll most likely leave your site. And with the average time spent on a website being between 10-20 seconds, you want to immediately capture the attention of the visitor and keep them on there. Because if you don’t, they’ll sure leave quickly.

Don’t allow your website visitors to waste time doing unnecessary scrolling, zooming and trying to resize your content to make it usable. If you’re creating annoyed website visitors, then you’ll cost your business potential customers.

Our specialist team of website designers at our Bentleigh based web design agency are ready to turn your website into one aimed at retaining visitors. And which also generates more conversions for your business.

Our team in Bentleigh are experts in designing one website which scales up or down automatically to match the device your site gets viewed on. Which means our web design firm creates one website. So you don’t need to spend more time and money designing multiple websites for many different devices.

How Responsive Web Design Boots Your Search Engine Rankings

Everyone wants a website which gets found, right? Of course. As business owners, you want your SEO strategy to be working towards always appearing on page one of a Google search. Around 6% of people only who are looking for something through a search engine will go to the second page of a Google search. No business owner wants this low of a percentage of people searching for them because you won’t get found.

Responsive websites will help boost your search engine ranking.

As a Bentleigh based digital agency, our expert team understand the correlation between a responsive website and a higher ranking one in a Google search and all search engine’s results pages.

Google puts importance on responsive websites because they improve the experience for the user. Therefore they’ll stay on your site longer, which helps to boost a website in a search engine ranking. Google says a website will be favoured higher if it’s responsive over those who are not.

Further to this, a responsive website will help reduce bounce rates which again increases your websites raking too. Google pays attention to what’s happening on your site. How quickly do your visitors move around, backtrack and leave? If this is fast, Google interprets your website as not relevant to the user, indicating your content didn’t match what they searched for. Which means Google will push your site further down in a search engine results page because it didn’t help their user.

Also, websites which are multiple devices responsive will load faster because they’re specially tailored to the particular screen in which it’s getting viewed on. Meanings it’s creating an excellent user experience which works towards increasing your sites ranking in Google. A website which takes up to 10 seconds to load will discourage the visitor. They’ll feel as though they have no control over the site and unable to view its content which will result in them leaving.

Why Work With SMG Web Design Agency?

When partnering with us, our Bentleigh team works together with you to create a website strategically crafted and structured to run at optimal capacity on all types of devices.

Our specialist design team work vigorously to ensure we design a website which engages its visitors and generates more conversions.

If you’re after a beautifully designed and strategically crafted website, then contact the expert team at SMG Web Design Bentleigh today.